Know Your Watershed

It is no surprise that the Greater Houston region ranks in the top ten on the National Weather Service’s list of U.S. cities that have the most erratic weather conditions. Simply put, Texas weather is unpredictable. In the midst of such uncertainty and instability it is essential to Know Your Watershed. If you are able to identify that piece of information, you will be equipped with knowledge that could prepare you for the next severe weather event. The Know Your Watershed Campaign is designed to help you identify the watershed, recognize where the flow is coming from, and provide you with important water related facts. Tap into the flow of information by clicking on the Address Viewer link below and searching for your location or take a virtual tour with SJ and her friends by clicking on the Story Map.

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Find your address in the San Jacinto Watershed

Address Viewer is an address look up tool that provides the watershed the location is in, a static map that illustrates where flow is coming from, and general information.

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A virtual tour down the San Jacinto River

The Know Your Watershed Story Map is a virtual tour down the San Jacinto River to Lake Houston.

What is a Watershed Illustration

Know Your Watershed is an educational website developed and maintained by the San Jacinto River Authority, in partnership with the Harris County Flood Control District, Montgomery County, Texas, and the North Harris County Regional Water Authority. The Harris County Flood Control District has provided input and assistance on the Address Viewer to ensure it contains accurate information for the citizens of the Greater Houston region.

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